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Predictive Analytics

Bullpen Group offers extremely valuable insight into your organization's vulnerabilities and strengths--what move to make next to stay competitive. We've partnered with the predictive analytics firm trusted by IBM - Solitaire Interglobal (SIL) - to bring you a supplemental analytics team to enhance your own in-house analytics.

The ability to combine market behavior with sentiment gleaned from social media and other sources allows SIL to build semantic chaining the ties that market behavior with cost, revenue, and risk. In any situation where a comprehensive and integrated viewpoint of multiple data domains is needed, extent data science procedures and straight statistical analysis or hierarchical modeling are inadequate. The application of a different methodology and type of modeling provides another perspective that helps isolate a significant number of risk mitigation strategies and set the expectation for risk, opportunity, and exposure. The SIL methodology employs chaos mathematics as its core cognitive structure. As the only firm in the world that does applied chaos modeling to business problems, the extensive discovery of lagged or unseen options has proved to be a strong enough business case, with realized benefits, for over 5000 ongoing customers to maintain the relationships that we have worldwide.

At this point, SIL has over 425 PB of operational and experiential data. Trying to drill down into the specifics of the data is deceptive, in that it employs blinders. Rather than deciding on a goal to analyze, SIL engages in mathematical discovery pattern analysis. The amount of data that is important into a specific query changes from time to time. As such, the overall size of the database is important, as is the fact that there is a general class of information. However, the database is not designed for, nor is so in the business of replacing in-house analytics organizations. The perspective is different. An organization gathers its closely held internal data, SIL provides additional answers when it comes to competitive positioning, best practice analysis, etc. We translate those practices and behaviors into dollars and cents, risk and exposure.

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