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IT Consulting. The way it should be.

We formed Bullpen Group because we want to make your challenge, our challenge. We believe in taking full ownership of every project. To us, that means bringing the determination to overcome any obstacle in order to fully deliver according to your expectations. Success is achieved through careful planning, preparation, persistence, and execution. However, most consulting providers lack the required focus, attention to detail, and accountability. Business expectations are always the priority that drives projects. The Bullpen Group project delivery approach focuses on attention to technology details that make the difference in meaningful solutions. If your organization seeks more than a simple "check the box" approach, we want to offer you a better option. Others make unrealistic commitments and then struggle to deliver on them. Our commitments are grounded in a desire to help you realize your technology goals. We've built our reputation on achieving results when others have failed. With Bullpen Group, the spirit of ownership permeates our culture and drives our client responsiveness.


We promise to bring focus, preparation, and ownership to every client and every project. These are the qualities that result in satisfaction and deliver success in the world of technology.


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